Early Native American

Beaded (1/4)

  • Very Old Sioux Beaded Deer Skin Watch Bracelet Circa Early 1900s
  • Native American Indian 19th Early 20th Century Beaded Muslin Backed 30 Strip
  • Vintage Native American Beaded Headband With Whirling Log & Other Tribal Symbols
  • Early 1900's Caughnawaga Reservation Iroquois (mohawk) Beaded Cover
  • Early Plains Sioux Indian Native American Beaded Moccasins Beads Antique Withsinew
  • Iroquois Moccasins Early And Beaded
  • Early Anishinaabe Chippewa Indian Beaded Drawstring Purse Native American Minn
  • Early 1900's Nez Perce Beaded Tie
  • Early 1900 Native American Blackfoot Flathead Beaded Drop
  • Early 1900 Native American Plains Crow Flathead Contour Beaded Bag
  • Early Native American Indian Beaded Tobacco / Medicine Bag
  • An Early Paiute Beaded Degikup-shaped, Native American Indian Basket, C. 1930
  • Native American Sioux Beaded Knife Sheath Early 1900s
  • Vintage Early 20th Century Native American Leather And Beaded Moccasins (#2)
  • Early Native American Childs Beaded Leather Vest
  • Early Whitney 4 Point Blanket Capote Beaded Brain Tanned Deer Hide
  • Early 1900's Native American Indian Cheyenne Tribe Beaded Arrow Quiver
  • Native American Indian Beaded Sash Belt Early