Early Native American

Indian (1/6)

  • Original Indian School Ledger Drawing. Early To Mid 1900s
  • Early Noritake Nippon Moriage Hand Painted Native American Indian Chief Ashtray
  • An Early And Large Mission Basket, Native American Indian, C. 1910
  • Original Indian School Ledger Drawing. Sioux. Early 1900s
  • Early 1900's Native American Indian Cheyenne Tribe Beaded Arrow Quiver
  • Early 1800's Pipe Tomahawk Axe Native Indian Origin Forged Metal Head
  • Native American Indian Beaded Sash Belt Early
  • Original Ledger Drawing. Indian On Horseback. Early 1900s
  • Early Native American Lakota Sioux Old Beaded Fringed Long Indian Peace Pipe Bag
  • Original Ledger Drawing. Indian Calvary Battel. Early 1900s
  • Native American Indian Hand Woven Basket Lot, Nootka & Other N. W. Tribes
  • Early Native American Plains Indian Sioux Beaded Knife Sheath
  • Super Scarce Orig Photo Zuni Indian Squaws Native American Rppc Early 1900s
  • Antique Early 1900 Native American Indian Mohawk Beaded Large Whimsy
  • An Early And Rare Modoc Arrow Quiver Basket, Native American Indian, C. 1890
  • Native American Indian Check White Lady
  • Antique 16 Doll Leather Beads Native American Indian Early C. 19th C
  • Heavy Early American Hopi Indian Pawn Sterling Silver Geometric Cuff Bracelet